Metalsmithing Essentials (DVD)

Metalsmithing Essentials (DVD)

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This DVD is packed with a wealth of information gleaned from 35 years of experience in the trade.

The 2-disc set is for all skill levels of jewelry artists working in metal who want to improve their abilities and craftsmanship.

Techniques covered in the video include:

  • metal fabrication
  • soldering
  • proper use of the jewelers saw
  • metal texturing
  • finishing

“When are you going to make a video?”

After years of being asked this question by his students, James Carter has created a 2010 comprehensive and in-depth tutorial on 3 projects. These projects encompass what he considers to be essential and universal metalsmithing skills that are used in all facets of jewelry making. The projects that are clearly demonstrated in a step-by-step format are the bezel, the hinge, and the clasp.

You can purchase the DVD here or call the studio for more information at: 919-240-5253.